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Carrot Kuroda

Carrot Kuroda

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It is its bright orange color and sweet, crunchy flavor. These carrots are known for their high productivity and resistance to diseases, making them an ideal choice for commercial and home gardeners alike.


Kuroda Carrots are typically thick and short with a cylindrical shape, which makes them easy to harvest and process. With their excellent texture and taste, these carrots are perfect for fresh consumption, juicing, or cooking in a variety of dishes. Whether you are a professional farmer or a gardening enthusiast, the Kuroda Carrot is a must-have addition to your vegetable garden.

  • History

    Kuroda Carrot, also known as Kuroda-type carrot, is a variety of carrot that originated in Japan. It is named after its breeder, Dr. Kuroda, who developed this carrot in the 1960s. This variety is a result of careful breeding to enhance certain traits, making it distinct from other carrot varieties

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