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Star 3317

Star 3317


It is a vigorous and high-yielding variety, producing firm, round heads that are resistant to diseases and pests, such as Black Rot. The high marketability and uniformity of STAR 3317 make it a reliable and profitable option for farmers looking to maximize their cabbage yields and profits. With its early to medium maturing time, growers can expect to harvest this variety within 80-90 days after transplanting, allowing for quicker turnover and quicker returns on investment. Overall, the STAR 3317 is an excellent choice for farmers looking for a top-performing cabbage variety that can withstand disease pressure and produce high-quality, marketable heads.


    A vigorous, quick-maturing fresh market cabbage hybrid.

    • Early to medium maturing cultivar
    • Medium to large upright frame with
    • Exceptional holdability
    • Produces firm semi-globe shaped heads
    • Good uniformity, allows for a uniform cut in the field

    A medium to large hybrid cabbage variety for the fresh market.

    Early to medium maturing. Approximately 80 - 90 days from transplant to maturity in summer. Maturity is very uniform with a
    high first cut percentage.

    Plant Characteristics
    A medium to large frame that has an upright leaf habit. A plant population of 28,000 plants per ha is recommended for
    single head marketing, and 30,000 - 35,000 plant per ha for bags. Plant population will influence head size. For larger head
    size plant population should be reduced to suit your needs.

    Head Characteristics: STAR 3317 has semi globe shaped heads weighing between 2 - 3.5kg with very good internal quality.

    Variety Characteristics
    Fertilization Guidelines: This is a general guide, grower conditions vary and a soil analysis is highly recommended.
    N: 150 to 200kg/ha. 70 to 90 kg/ha incorporated preplant.
    Top dress the balance as follows:
    Summer: 7,14 and 28 days after transplanting (no later).
    Winter: 14,28 and 45 days from transplant (no later).
    P: 50 kg/ha incorporated preplant. K: 120 kg/ha incorporate preplant. Soil pH: 6 - 6,8.

    Features & Benefits
    STAR 3317 offers the grower the opportunity to achieve high marketability under Black Rot pressure. STAR 3317 has good
    holdability and uniformity which allows for very uniform cut.

    Disease Resistance: Good black rot resistance under field observation.

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