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Star 2000

Star 2000

1000 Grams
The Star 2000 is a type of bush bean that is perfect for both the fresh market and processing. With a maturity of 55-60 days to first harvest, it offers quick production, making it ideal for growers looking for a high-yield crop. The plant characteristics are also impressive, as it is vigorous, has an excellent leaf canopy for optimal photosynthesis, and provides good pod protection, keeping the pods clear of the ground.This dynamic green bean variety doesn't disappoint when it comes to yield and pod quality, making it a valuable addition to any agriculture operation. Whether you are looking to sell to the fresh market or for processing, the Star 2000 is a reliable and high-performing variety that is sure to meet your needs.

    A dynamic green bean with superior yield and pod quality.

    • Strong, adaptable plant with a slightly open frame
    • Very high yield potential
    • Pods are uniform, straight, dark green, suitable for freezing and the fresh market
    • Resistance to Rust and BCMV
    • Concentrated pod set and bearing


    Bush Bean.
    Category: Standard

    55 - 60 days to first harvest, depending on weather conditions.

    Plant Characteristics
    Vigorous. Excellent leaf canopy. Good pod protection. Pods clear of ground.

    Plant Frame: Large.
    Plant Habit: Slightly open.

    Variety Characteristics
    Pod Characteristics:
    Pod set: Moderate to concentrated.
    Pod length: 12 - 14 cm.
    8.1 – 9mm: 17%
    9.1 – 10mm: 70%
    >10mm: 13%

    Features & Benefits
    Market: Fresh Market/Processing.

    High Resistance: Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV), and Rust (Ua)

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