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Kilimo is a medium-headed hybrid cabbage variety perfect for the fresh and pre-pack market. This early-maturing cabbage takes only 70-85 days from transplant to maturity in the summer, making it an ideal choice for growers looking for a quick turnaround. Kilimo is very uniform with a high first-cut percentage, ensuring a consistent and reliable harvest. Additionally, the Kilimo cabbage boasts good Black Rot resistance and vigorous seedlings, contributing to improved crop security. With its combination of early maturity and disease resistance, Kilimo is a top choice for farmers looking for a high-quality cabbage variety.


    A new, fast-growing summer hybrid cabbage.

    • Quick maturing: 70 - 85 days to maturity
    • Excellent uniformity
    • Attractive Colour
    • Firm internal texture

    A medium headed hybrid cabbage variety for the fresh and pre-pack market.

    Early maturing. Approximately 70 - 85 days from transplant to maturity in summer. Maturity is very uniform with a high first
    cut percentage.

    Plant Characteristics
    A medium to large frame that has an upright leaf habit. A plant population of 28,000 plants per ha is recommended for
    single head marketing, and 30 - 35 000 plants per ha for bags. Plant population will influence head size. For larger head size
    the plant population should be reduced to suit your needs.

    Head Characteristics: KILIMO has very firm flat-round shaped heads with an average head size (without frame leaves) of
    between 2,5 - 3,5 kg with an excellent flavor. The colour of KILIMO is a typical fresh grey-green which is highly sought after
    by market agents and hawkers. Care should be taken not to let the crop mature past the optimal period to prevent splitting.
    KILIMO has a very high first cut percentage.

    Variety Characteristics
    Fertilization Guidelines: This is a general guide, grower conditions vary and a soil analysis is highly recommended:
    N: 150 to 200kg/ha. 70 to 90 kg/ha incorporated preplant.
    Top dress the balance as follows:
    Summer: 7,14 and 28 days after transplanting (no later).
    Winter: 14,28 and 45 days from transplant (no later). (Winter planting in warm frost-free areas only)
    P: 50 kg/ha incorporated preplant. K: 120 kg/ha incorporate preplant. Soil pH: 6 - 6,8.

    Features & Benefits
    The combination of early maturity, good Black Rot resistance and vigorous seedlings,
    contribute to the improvement in crop security that KILIMO offers the grower.

    Disease Resistance: KILIMO has shown good infield resistance to black rot.

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