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Africa Red F1

Africa Red F1


Africa Red F1, a high-quality onion variety perfect for open field agriculture in Africa. This globe-shaped onion has a bulb size of 3-6 cm in diameter and is very firm, making it ideal for both fresh consumption and processing. With a potential yield of 150 tons per hectare and a high rate of 750,000 plants per hectare, this variety offers excellent productivity for farmers. Africa Red F1 matures in just 90 days from transplanting and has a remarkable storability of up to 6 months, ensuring a longer shelf life for the harvested onions. It also boasts high bolting tolerance and does not sprout, making it a reliable and resilient choice for growers.


The very good skin retention of these onions makes them suitable for transportation and storage, further adding to their market value. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow a successful onion crop with Africa Red F1.

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